TSSS: EJB 3.0 Work in progress (from Jason Carreira's weblog)


CMP will be simpler, with a POJO approach. It will even support new() for creation. They're going to support inheritance and polymorphism and object-relational mappings.


EJB 3.0 officially announced (from Cedric's weblog)

* POJO-based (no more abstract methods, support of new)
* Simplification of the design (now optional: homes, component interfaces, lifecycle methods, no more EJBLocalObject, etc...)
* Use of injection to make it easier to test outside the container
* Use JSR 175 annotations instead of deployment descriptors
* Support for disconnected access
* Many EJB QL enhancements (bulk updates, etc...) as well as support for native SQL
* A standard O-R mapping

disconnected accessとはData transfer objectが不要になるということでしょうか。

TheServerSide Symposium 2004, Day One (from Ted Neward's weblog)

EJB 3.0 Work in Progress by Linda DeMichiel. Linda is the Group Lead for the EJB 3.0 Expert Group, and she presented a basic overview of the current mode of thinking for the EJB 3.0 working group. If you want to get a jump on what EJB 3.0 will look like, pay attention to three things: JSR-175, Hibernate, and Spring.

なぬ!? EJB 3.0はSpringと似てるの?